The White House Hotel was built in 1868 it is a three story hotel with a two story wing. There are 32 rooms,

70X20 Grand ball room, Saloon, kitchen and full rock wine cellar.

The Hotel also has a Large attic, used as a dance floor by youth throughout the years.

The building is federal style construction, restored to 1886,

and has furnishings that match that Victorian era. Paint and wallpaper are correct

for the periods of 1870-1886. The oil chandeliers are restored originals,

or exact reproductions, and are in working order. The hotel maintains oil for

their use during tours, or productions and are shoot ready.

The hotel has camouflaged lighting for set productions, and can be turned

up or down for any lighting effect.

The hotels kitchen is restored back to 1886, complete with full-stocked shelves

of period commodities and foods. 

The stoves are original wood stoves, and can be fired. Coffee mill,

water pumps, and working stations are all operable.

The hotel operated a Prohibition era “speakeasy” saloon, with hidden

entrances in the cellar. This 1920-1933 era set includes a full dance floor,

tables and a bar, set in a rock walled cellar. It can be converted to any time period.

The Hotel has approx ½ acre of grounds, including outbuildings, wash house,

meat locker and ticket office located in Hermann Mo. on modern streets.  

Land for shooting scenes is available, with 25 wooded acres approx 34 miles away,

and our subsidiary companies full scale, 1880s western frontier town located 4 hours away.

85 head of longhorn cattle and a full variety of western horses and tack are available

for production shoots on this open prairie and wooded 250 acre property.

We have original antique pieces, era correct for setting. We have custom costumes

and high quality reproduction dresses and hats for up to 29 actors.

The “White House Hotel Entertainment Company” has up to 8 horses for filming,

and can utilize subsidiary movie “actor horses” for use for any actor, regardless of their experience.

Buggys, wagons and surreys are also available.

The White house can provide up to 30 extras/ actors with advance notice for your production.

The Hotel has 110 volt power available at most all rooms, with 220 on site, and

city power offers 400 Amp service to the building.

Hermann, Mo. located on the Mighty Missouri River, has several motels and Bed and breakfasts

to house and support your crew, as well as local dining and entertainment.