First and foremost, God. May we use this place to further His kingdom.

Robert and Judi Plummer - For 38 years of hard labor and love as caretakers of the hotel.

Pastor Jason & Marcia Jordon / Congregation Volunteers from Lighthouse Church of Kingdom City - Many hours of work!

Ken Heying Construction, Hermann, MO- Restoration Contracting

A, J & J Floors Lake St. Louis - Thanks for such a professional job on all our floors!

Lowe Cannell, Fulton, MO- Restoration Contracting

Mascot Mania - Kansas City, MO - Custom Paintings

Hermann Chamber of Commerce - For advertising our tours etc... Really helped us get a start!

Hermann Tourism - For putting out the good word about us! Much appreciated!

Weber Signs, Hermann, MO - Custom Paintings

The Local Bed & Breakfast Owners - For Supporting our Lantern Tours by sending your guests!

Our Kids, Dakota Plummer, Micah Plummer and Melissa Wiggs - Blood Sweat and Tears ... and patience while we work on the hotel!

All our actors - Meet them on our "Meet Our Actors" page. Thank you ALL !!

The Town of Hermann - For Stopping the Train Whistle !!! God bless you for allowing the quiet zone to pass.

Barbara Forrest - My mother - My friend - Sewing, Painting, Wallpaper Removal... all sorts of abuse!!

I am sure I missed someone. I will be updating this frequently. I certainly do NOT want to miss anyone. We are just a bit overwhelmed by the amount of support that we have had. God bless you!!